Enzo Bartoli is a series of wines which represents the essence of Piemonte.
Each wine is made to highlight the many facets of the complex and diverse region. The grapes for Enzo Bartoli wines are sourced from local cooperatives which give smaller growers a chance to represent their home region on a global stage. The main focus of Enzo Bartoli is to produce authentic Piedmont wines in different styles so that they can be accessible to everyone.

The soul of Piemonte
The food and wine culture of Italy is world renown but has a special mark of quality in Piemonte. The region has long been recognized for its top gastronomy, luxurious fresh ingredients like white truffles, and world-famous wines. The Enzo Bartoli wines would like to make the Piedmontese experience available for every consumer. We've tasted through the best that Piemonte can offer and we've created a range to highlight the soul of Piemonte. Enzo Bartoli ranges from Barolo, the wine of kings, to Barbera, the wine of the people and every Piedmontese variety in between.
Hand-picked favorites

The quality of Piedmontese's wines is known throughout the world: here Nebbiolo, Barbera, Cortese, and Dolcetto are cultivated to perfection. These grapes are still hand harvested, just as they have been for generations. The world has begun to notice not only the stars of Piemonte, Barbaresco and Barolo but also the high quality of the wines from the lesser known traditional grape varieties. Enzo Bartoli wines are made with love and tradition, the two ingredients that Piemonte has plenty of!

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